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It is our belief that a clean and welcoming environment benefits the learning experience, giving confidence in the learning environment through a quality service. Pristine provides on-site service solutions to primary, secondary and independent schools, as well as higher and further education establishments, giving both pupils and their parents the confidence that the learning environment is both safe and stimulating.

Educational establishments demand a very flexible and experienced approach to cleaning. We are experienced in the special requirements of cleaning educational establishments which offer a unique set of challenges. The type and fabric of the building, the style of use they receive, the hours available for cleaning and the number of weeks per year mean that our expertise in this sector is important.

Regular term-time cleaning operations often need to be supplemented by deep cleans and specialised floor treatments at other times. We know how to care for the large variety of different floor types frequently found in educational establishments, so you can be sure they will always look their best.

Security and vetting is of paramount importance when our staff may meet children or vulnerable adults so we process criminal records checks in less than two weeks.


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