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Window Cleaning

Clean buildings start with clean windows. This is the first impression to your staff and your clients alike and makes a huge difference to your image. We want to help you make the right impression by providing the right type of window cleaning, from traditional methods (cradles, mechanical access machinery and abseiling) to the more modern and safer Reach and Wash systems.  In doing this we ensure all windows receive a thorough clean with the minimum of fuss.

All of our window cleaning is subject to comprehensive site-specific risk assessments and method statements as part of our thorough Health & Safety site documentation. Health & Safety is always of paramount importance to us, ensuring that all current legislation, best practice and safety procedures are followed.

Fascia Cleaning

Pristine employs specialist external building and cladding cleaning teams within our retail sector in order to maintain both the external appearance and integrity of the building.

The teams utilise both a mixture of Reach and Wash and pressure washing to undertake the cleans overnight. Our teams are fully trained in the utilisation of cherry pickers to reach areas with difficult access to ensure that the whole building is cleaned. Pristine can provide a solution that will meet the needs of both your building and its external areas.

High Level Cleaning

High level cleaning is a specialist industrial cleaning service and should always be undertaken by a professional contractor. With experience in high level cleaning working across all sectors for industrial fabricators, food manufacturers and retail and leisure facilities, Pristine can clean all the higher areas of your premises.

Working to stringent health and safety standards our contract managers complete a thorough risk assessment prior to commencing any high level cleaning operation. Our IPAF and PASMA trained high level cleaning operatives work to industry set best practices utilising scissor lifts and self-propelled booms to undertake quality and effective high level cleaning.

In addition to our high level cleaning services our experienced staff can also undertake guttering and roof cleaning of any frequency, allowing Pristine to be central in all your high level cleaning requirements.

Pigeon Guano Removal

The removal of bird droppings or guano should always be carried out by a specialist contractor. Guano is an unsightly health hazard that can be host to insects, parasites and disease. In large volumes and if left untreated its corrosive nature can cause costly damage to building fabric. Bird fouling and guano should never be removed dry.

The build-up of airborne particles if inhaled can cause a series of respiratory health problems. Pristine’s operatives carry out all bird fouling clearances safely and effectively wearing all necessary personal protective equipment. All associated waste is then efficiently disposed of in line with current environmental legislation.

Pristine can carry out bird fouling removal services to all high level areas, guttering, facades and fascia’s for commercial customers. We can also undertake a series of preventative methods to help stop further bird infestations and their associated problems helping you to reduce maintenance costs.

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